Other Sources of Water Quality Data

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Other Sources of Water Quality Data 

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection Watershed Information Network (WIN) environmental database houses data from non-regulatory sources including federal, state and local agencies as well as academic institutions, volunteer organizations, private laboratories and others across Florida. 

The Environmental Protection Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency website has data and tools that allow users to learn more about water quality. 

  • The Safe Drinking Water Information System tracks information on drinking water contamination levels as required by federal law through the Safe Water Drinking Act. Through this database users can search local drinking water suppliers and view its violations and enforcement history for the past ten years. 
  • The "How's My Waterway?" allows users to see if local waterways were checked for pollution, what was found and actions taken to correct any violations. This information is provided to the Environmental Protection Agency through Leon County's Water Quality Monitoring Program.


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