Responsibilities of Leon County

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Responsibilities of Leon County

Leon County Government 

Leon County Government works with local, federal and state agencies to ensure that our water resources are preserved, protected and safe for both personal and recreational use. Due to the nature of water's abundance, many agencies are involved in its management and protection as described below. Water Quality Monitoring of local water bodies is completed by Leon County as required by regulatory agencies under state and federal permits. Leon County's responsibilities include:

  • Implementing all local, state and federal regulations;
  • Collecting and reporting water quality data;
  • Administering the Stormwater Management Program;
  • Developing policy to protect water resources in our community;
  • Informing and providing resources to the public;
  • Flooding mitigation projects; and 
  • Issuing environmental permits.

In addition, the Board of County Commissioners appoints a variety of citizen-led committees to conduct fact-finding, discuss policy and make recommendations to the Board on a range of topics affecting the Leon County community. Two of these committees are appointed specifically to address issues concerning water resources.

Science Advisory Committee

The Science Advisory Committee evaluates and reports findings on scientific evidence and makes recommendations concerning policies and programs that deal with environmental issues in order to safeguard natural resources and the public health and safety.

Water Resources Committee

The Water Resources Committee considers the value provided to the public by the various lakes and related water resources of Leon County, including groundwater, and recommends to the Board policies, regulations, management activities and long-term funding strategies that protect or enhance these values while considering the various impacts to these resources from accelerated runoff including flooding, surface and groundwater degradation.


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