Interactive Water Maps

Water Scientist on the water in a boat


Interactive Water Maps

Leon County's Interactive Water Quality Map

Leon County has created an all new and improved Interactive Water Quality Map that allows citizens to access data and information on water quality and the health of local water bodies and resources. Seventy-three sampling sites have been established at the County's major lakes and water bodies that help staff determine water quality and develop long-term plans to improve or maintain water resources. Users can learn more about each sampling site as well as view a water body's overall health and water quality report by searching a particular body of water or by clicking on it while viewing the map. The County's Water Quality Scientist is responsible for collecting and interpreting data on the health of local water resources and determines whether a water body is "Impaired" or "Healthy."

Think About Personal Pollution Map (TAPP)

The TAPP Water Map allows users to better understand how personal pollution carried by a single drop of water will find its way into our local water resources. The application devleoped by Tallahasse-Leon County Geographic Information Systems focuses on the three heavily urbanized drainage basins for Lake Jackson, Lake Lafayette and Lake Muson. 

The TPP Campaign works to help individuals understand their personal impact on our water quality and encourages people to make small personal changes in home and yard practices to help keep local lakes, sinks and streams cleaner. To schedule a seminar, or request information, call (850) 891-8754 or visit


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